Those who visit this site in general seek to improve their chances of success in the digital art market – whether for business or pleasure.  But for those wanting to make a profession out of it, there are a few tips for the beginner.  First, one needs to create a portfolio of all their artwork, rather than have it scattered across various computer files.  It should be easy for one to quickly access their material if a potential job comes up. Remember: the portfolio is the first impression for a potential digital artist.

Second, use stock images that will save money as a photographer does not have to be hired to take these photos for one’s digital art use.  Third, learn the different software and hardware tools that are commonly used by digital artists. Start off by playing around and experimenting with them; then, if need be, seek out a professional or take an online tutorial.

There are many ways to succeed in the field of digital artwork – but first, one has to be confident that they have the tools of the trade and are proud of their portfolio.